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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Doctors Note Template

May 18, 2012

A doctor’s note can come in handy when we decide to skip one or two days of work or school.  However, we don’t always actually go to the doctor when we say we are, and therefore are missing the doctor’s notes that our bosses or teachers are asking for.  To cover up for this, many people choose to create their own fake doctor’s notes.  This is an easy way to prevent a problem from occurring at work and can provide us with the time off we desire.

While a fake doctor’s note can be helpful when trying to avoid trouble for missing work or school, many people make the mistake of writing their own notes at home.  This is a bad idea because the notes that people write at home do not look professional and can easily be found out to be fake.  This can get people in a lot of trouble in school or work.  This completely defeats the purpose of taking the few days off because the added stress when returning back to work would reverse any relaxation that they would have gained throughout the few days that they took off.

Doctors note template — must just suck

Another mistake that people make is by using a fake doctors note template.  People who miss a few days of  work or school think they are being clever by using a template for a fake doctor’s note that they find online.  However, these templates are no better than making a fake doctor’s note at home yourself.  The templates are very unprofessional and do not require the details that are needed to make a fake doctor’s note look realistic.

It is necessary for fake doctor’s notes to contain details such as logos at the top or specific watermarks to make them look more authentic.  The only way you can receive a quality product that is sure to work is by purchasing them online.  You can get fake doctor’s notes for a very reasonable price online, and you can print them off from your computer immediately after you buy them.  Not only is this a quick and easy way to get a doctor’s note for work or school, but it’s a way for you to find a much better quality note that is much more likely to work.  It is much better to pay a small fee and be worry-free instead of quickly scratching a note yourself and possibly getting in trouble for lying to your boss.  Not only do you get your money’s worth with a peace of mind, but you also get different kinds of notes.  Instead of simply getting a generic fake doctor’s note, you can often purchase packages containing notes such as fake dentist’s notes or fake jury notes for a very reasonable price.

While everyone needs a few days off once in a while, it’s important that you make sure you don’t get in trouble for it later on.  Making a fake doctor’s note at home or using a template is a bad idea and should be avoided.  Instead, purchase an inexpensive package of fake doctor’s notes online.


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